My Experience

A Proven Track Record

April 2021 - September 2021

I am available Mon-Friday from 10-6 and if you need any other accommodations my hours decrease for the months of Sept-Dec.

Dog Groomer

January 2014 - April 2021

Dog classes

My staff is great when it comes to teaching your animal tricks of the trade many years of experience please contact for more details or if your interested

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Travelling Groomer Welcomes You with Open Paws

The name says it all

There’s nothing I like better than being around animals. If you’re searching for a reliable and experienced Dog Groomer, look no further. I’ll take care of your beloved pet as if they were my own — with love, kindness and endless patience.


Owner Reviews

In My Customers Own Words


"You did an amazing job thank you so much for taking care of my pet's I wouldn't know what to do without you
great business and staff"

Angela Broadbent

My Experience

A Proven Track Record

January 2014 - Present

Dog Groomer

I have been in business for years and I wouldn't change it :).  My clients are the best and you can have the confidence that well they are with me they will not be caged.  We have a full yard that is fenced off and gives them the freedom to run free and socialize. To Interact with others all we require is your pet is up to date with shots etc.  Looking forward to providing the business for your pet and also making you happy with the results :)

Dog Grooming Tools

3301 McCarthy Road
Unit 1


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